mimoLive – First Look by Guy Serle for mymac.com

Guy Serle takes a look at mimoLive for mymac.com to see how it stacks up against other alternatives such as the free OBS. He finds that, when it comes to live streaming, mimoLive is in a category of its own. "mimoLive is both the most powerful and easiest to use software currently made, and is a huge step up from free and inexpensive alternatives," Guy writes. "The possibilities in using [mimoLive] when talking about closed circuit, streaming, or the creation of videos for education or business is nearly endless." He likes that mimoLive is very easy to figure out and that "the UI is a fresh look at what can be done with all the options you might want. [...] Chances are if there’s a visual effect you need for your livecast, mimoLive will have it."

Using Mentimeter with mimoLive

This cool video by forum user @wibbly is both a show case for using mimoLive to record a screencast and a demo of using Mentimeter to integrate polls – multiple choice questions, world clouds, open questions, Q&A and more. To make your live stream interactive and much more interesting, simply set up a series of quizzes and other interactive elements on your Mentimeter presentation. Then, capture the Mentimeter voting results URL with a Browser Capture source in mimoLive. When people answer the questions, the website will be updated automatically and the updated results show up in your mimoLive live stream.

As a bonus, the video also shows how to bring in a screen cast from your iPhone using the iOS Device source and use it to demo app features.

This is also great for integrating polls with your NDI or SDI workflows.

Introducing mimoLive 5

Watch Oliver and Achim demo the new features of mimoLive 5 and take questions from the audience.

New in mimoLive 5:

  • New and more Templates help new users to get up to speed with mimoLive and existing users can dive deeper into its rich features.
  • Layer Sets allow you to store and recall the live state of the entire Layer Stack, allowing you to move easily between various segments in your program that require a lot of changes to happen at the same time, for example if your morning announcement has a news segment and a weather forecast.
  • The Video Sync Meter helps you get video sources with different latency into sync.
  • Replacing Media File Sources makes updating the look of your show easier.
  • Drag and Drop support between documents allows you to more easily reuse the customized layers.

Download mimoLive 5...

The update to mimoLive 5 is free of charge for all current mimoLive subscribers.