Engineering with iStopMotion

Have you ever wanted to learn more about engineering? Check out Code & Circuit, located in Amesbury, Massachusetts, for all the scoop about computer science, coding and circuitry – oh, and iStopMotion, too!

Code & Circuit is designed for students from elementary to high school who are looking to get a little extra knowledge in the engineering field before moving on to learning more in a professional setting. Coder Ken Aspeslagh created the organization as a way to give back to the community and inspire a new generation of computer scientists and careers in engineering and programming. During Code & Circuit’s summer program, students use iStopMotion for iPad and tripods with iPad mounts to learn the ins and outs of whatever they’re interested in – which mostly turned out to be the 3D printers!

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“The students were free to do pretty much whatever they wanted with the iPads,” Ken says. “They successfully figured out how to do time lapses and they experimented with iStopMotion using characters and prints that they created on the 3D printer. They also created an iStopMotion of a LEGO build showing a Rubik’s cube being solved.”

This summer, Code & Circuit had twelve grade 3-8 students per session, and they worked with EV3 LEGOs, Scratch, 3D design and video making to create an exploratory iStopMotion animation. On their iPads, the students used iMovie and Do Ink, an app that creates greenscreens, along with iStopMotion for the filming process.

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“The iStopMotion videos the students created helped us tie in the other parts of the program to a final product,” Ken says. “The video-making part of the day was great because they could share the videos with their friends and family after the class was over. The students loved the time lapse feature and the ability to record sound.”

We think using iStopMotion to expand on a lesson is an awesome idea, especially with as many moving parts as engineering has. This way, students can really get a look at how everything works while having some fun along the way!

Check out the iStopMotion animation above to see how the Code & Circuit engineers showed off their 3D printer creations! There’s so much fun stuff happening over at Code & Circuit that we can’t even keep up! To hear all about the news, take a look at Code & Circuit on Facebook or visit online for a full list of programs.

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