How It All Happens in Time Lapse

One iStopMotion fan is using the program in a unique way, and it’s not exactly to create a project – it’s to document the steps it took to get there. Art educator Stacey Darpel builds iStopMotion time lapses of every stage of her projects so she can play them for her students before the beginning of a lesson.

Ever since discovering iStopMotion during a stop motion class at the Summer Teacher Institute at Ringling College of Art and Design in July 2014, Stacey has tried to use it to document all of her project examples. When her students do the same, she occasionally helps them to create GIFs of their work, using at least ten frames to capture a piece of stop motion.

“I really enjoy taking pictures of my artwork in iStopMotion as I am working on projects,” Stacey says. “As an artist, it is great to be able to visually see my project build and create itself from start to finish. The technology is also great for my students because they can visually see what works, where their project went wrong and how to change their work for the better.”

Check out the video above for an example of how you can track your own project using iStopMotion’s time-lapse feature!