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Amp Up Your Live Streams to YouTube and Facebook with mimoLive

Puchheim, Germany – June 7, 2016 – Boinx Software has just announced the release of mimoLive, the multi-in, multi-out live video engine. A complete overhaul of the popular BoinxTV live video production system, mimoLive includes a number of exciting new features for optimal live streaming across multiple platforms and is the perfect solution for everything from school morning announcements and community TV, to events and conferences, podcasting and webinars, video game streaming and more. mimoLive features a new, easier to use interface, built-in live streaming, a robust 64-bit architecture and new layers for more creative freedom, among many other upgrades.

“I always wanted to have my own TV studio in my living room that I could operate easily and that would allow me to produce my own news show,” says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software. “With mimoLive, that dream has come true for not just me, but a lot of people out there who have important messages to share but are lacking the resources needed to run a traditional broadcast. This new release is especially useful for teachers because they can offer their students the real, invaluable and exciting experience of creating their own TV program.”

mimoLive minimizes hassle and adds to the fun of live broadcasting by cutting down on production time. Giving users major bang for their buck, it includes powerful tools at an extremely affordable price. Easy to learn and master, mimoLive is the perfect on-the-go TV studio platform for everyone from the novice, such as schoolchildren producing their own weather channel to learn about weather systems, to the enthusiast podcaster, to the professional, who can easily integrate mimoLive's graphic power and versatility into an existing SDI broadcast workflow, for example to augment the Blackmagic Design ATEM family of switchers. The live video production system from Boinx Software offers the gamut of professional to wildly creative features that will satisfy every broadcaster’s dream.

mimoLive’s new key features include:

  • Live Streaming: Broadcast live video from sporting events, breaking newscasts, conferences, concerts, video games and more to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or any other RTMP-based streaming service, without the need for any additional hardware. Simply set up your streaming service credentials, and start streaming.
  • Direct Manipulation in Layers: An upgrade to the popular layers feature in BoinxTV, users can now instantly and easily adjust all visual elements including graphics information and lower thirds within the recording, thanks to direct manipulation.
  • 64-bit Architecture: Boinx rebuilt many parts of mimoLive from scratch to make it more powerful and, at the same time, more stable. Taking advantage of the modern 64-bit hardware power, users can now add more video and graphics assets than ever before without the risk of running out of memory.
  • Frosted Glass Effects: Create great looking lower thirds and graphics with frosted glass effects. Thanks to a vast set of layers and visuals, any mimoLive broadcast will look ready for primetime, as if the pros at today’s major broadcasting companies had done it themselves.
  • New Interface, New Features: A landmark release, mimoLive has a brand new look and feel. Giving it a more professional look allowed Boinx to increase the usability of mimoLive, making it even more intuitive and convenient to use, so that everyone can enjoy it.

And more great new features!

  • Live-keying for users to key out green or blue screen or any background color they like in real time
  • High-resolution file recording straight to disk
  • A built-in video switcher that supports up to nine video sources
  • The ability to play out video in a user’s existing broadcasting environment, such as a projector on stage or to a live TV network feed
  • Extremely customizable to perfect the look and feel of any situation

System Requirements: OS X 10.10 or newer

Tutorial Videos to Make You a mimoLive Pro

To streamline the transition between BoinxTV and mimoLive, Boinx has posted a series of YouTube episodes on setup and use. Bastian Wölfle, product manager of mimoLive, has created numerous short tutorials to show users how to record and stream events, lectures, TV shows and more. Tune in...

mimoLive Pricing and Availability

mimoLive is available now through the Boinx website and authorized resellers, for the following pricing* bracket. Users who upgrade from BoinxTV will receive 30% off their purchase. More information on mimoLive...

Term | Private/Edu | Commercial | Broadcast --- | --- | --- | --- 1 month | 19.00* | 69.00 | n/a 1 year | 199.00 | 699.00 | 1999.00 3 years | 399.00 | 1399.00 | 3999.00

*All prices are in USD

Request a Media Review Kit

Members of the media are invited to review mimoLive. For more information, please contact Anya Nelson at For press images, please visit

mimoLive: The Successor to BoinxTV

After seven years of incremental improvements delivered via more than 30 free updates, this update to BoinxTV is such a big leap that Boinx Software decided to give it a new name rather than just a new version number. The change also represents a commitment to a new development strategy, with quicker improvements without the need to withhold features for the next big update.

About Boinx Software

Located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany, Boinx Software Ltd. develops award-winning animation, video production and photography software for the Mac® platform and iOS devices including the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®. Honored with numerous Apple Design Awards and coveted spots on the Mac App Store’s Best Apps of the Year list, the extensive family of Boinx apps includes iStopMotion for Mac, iStopMotion for iPad, FotoMagico, mimoLive (formerly BoinxTV), Mouseposé, You Gotta See This!, PhotoPresenter for iOS, and PhotoWall+ for tvOS Boinx’s newest social photo wall for sharing and saving crowd-sourced photos. Boinx Software has also been instrumental in the developmental processes of popular apps including Heads Up!, Ellen DeGeneres’s charades party game, and the Leica T iPhone and iPad app, the elegant remote companion to the Leica T digital camera.

Follow @boinxsoftware on Twitter and Facebook. For more information, please visit the Boinx Software website.

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Gear Up to Go Back to School with Discounts on Boinx Software’s Award-Winning Educational Apps

End of summer promotions on Mac and iOS apps from Boinx help you get back-to-school cool; an Editor’s Choice Award for iStopMotion for iPad proves it’s an A+ app

Puchheim, Germany – August 20, 2014 – With lazy summer days coming to a close, it’s time to step up the game again and prepare for the start of the coming school year. This year promises to be one to remember, and Boinx Software’s family of award-winning educational apps for Mac and iPad will be by your side in the classroom to create cool stuff and foster essential life skills. Helping both students and teachers to get their creative juices flowing more powerfully than ever before, Boinx is offering special promotions on BoinxTV, iStopMotion for iPad and Mac, FotoMagico and Mouseposé now through September 9th, making them a must-have on everyone’s back-to-school shopping list.

Film a stop motion animation illustrating stories from a foreign language class or record a timelapse of storm clouds forming above your town, start a weekly school news broadcast, compile a slideshow presentation with animations, video and funky transitions that will leave powerpoints in the dust, and let Mouseposé point it all out to your teachers and classmates - the possibilities for accelerating your learning experience are endless.

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of fun. With the change in seasons and return of the school year comes new creative possibilities,” says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software. “Limited-time cost savings on our educational apps have made the barrier of entry extremely low for kids and educators, allowing them to let their imaginations run wild with their devices.

iStopMotion for iPad is the Teacher’s Pet

Boinx Software’s tried and true products continue to receive industry accolades; most recently, Children’s Technology Review awarded Boinx with their esteemed Editor’s Choice Award for iStopMotion for iPad. According to Children’s Technology Review, the Editor's Choice Award is given to only the highest-quality children’s products in the interactive media category – “no fail” products, worthy of their cost, that are able to keep children engaged for days at a time.

Ride the Wave of Summer Savings Before It’s Too Late!

iStopMotion for iPad just 8.99 USD (10% off)

iStopMotion for iPad brings the classic stop motion animation technique into the modern age, allowing eager animators to create fun animations with just an iPad, imagination and whatever is lying around the classroom ready to come to life. In its review of the app, Children’s Technology Review says, “Every aspiring Walt Disney should have an app for iPad like iStopMotion, the king of the hill of animation software.

iStopMotion 3 for Mac just 44.99 USD (10% off)

The parent to iStopMotion for iPad, iStopMotion for Mac comes with advanced capabilities, while still being an accessible filmmaking tool for the masses. Boinx recently announced iStopMotion 3.6, which brings live view support for Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, allowing animators with these cameras to enjoy the most popular feature, Onion Skinning. The creative classroom possibilities are endless – animate an otherwise boring diorama, make claymations in art class or animate figurines in a historical reenactment. Ben Lawson from Byte Revel noted its ease of use in a recent review, saying, “iStopMotion 3 for Mac makes stop motion animation a breeze.

FotoMagico 4 just 89.99 USD (10% off)

A fan favorite among both professional photographers and consumers, FotoMagico helps users organize summer memories into a stylish slideshow to look back on throughout the year, when laid-back pool days and cookouts are a fond and distant memory. The slideshow innovation doesn’t have to stop when school starts, though. FotoMagico is the perfect software for class projects. As Dan Cohen from Gear Diary sums it up in a recent review, “While the software is simple, it is also powerful enough for people who want and need more complexity.

BoinxTV just 199.99 USD (a savings of 300 USD!)

The popular “broadcast truck without the truck” brings studio broadcast-quality production to consumers of all skill levels, allowing kids and school administrators to learn in a completely unique way. Get inspired by how Gustavo Reis uses BoinxTV to compliment learning at the school he opened, Mathematica Et Cetera, producing the weekly live “Math Happy Hour” at the old dentist’s office he transformed into a broadcast studio.

Mouseposé – FREE with any purchase!

Give presentations the spotlight they deserve! Mouseposé is the perfect tool to accompany your work. This nifty tool from Boinx dims the computer screen and puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, easily guiding the audience’s attention to an area of interest. Attention spans are short those first few weeks of the school year - Mouseposé helps teachers and students both to get right to the point!

Back-to-school promotions for Boinx Software products end on September 9, 2014

About Boinx Software

Boinx Software Ltd. is located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops award-winning animation, video production and photography software for the Mac® platform and iOS devices including the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time-lapse capture, used by many thousands of enthusiastic animators at home, in schools, in advertising agencies and professional animation studios. iStopMotion for the Mac was named one of the Best Apps of 2012 on the Mac App Store. In 2011, Boinx Software added iStopMotion for iPad to its family of stop motion animation products. Boinx FotoMagico, winner of two Apple Design Awards, is a presentation tool for professional photographers. BoinxTV, winner of an Apple Design Award, is revolutionary live production software that turns any Mac into a TV studio. Boinx Mouseposé is the indispensable mouse pointer-highlighting tool for users developing presentations, training or demos. You Gotta See This! is Boinx’s iPhone 4 app that works off of 4th generation gyroscope technology to create amazing 360-degree photo collages. PhotoPresenter for iOS, Boinx’s newest app, allows users to connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to an HDTV set using HDMI or VGA, or via AirPlay, then browse the device’s photo library and select specific images or video to display on the second screen.

Follow @boinxsoftware on Twitter and Facebook. For more information, please visit the Boinx Software Website.

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Boinx Software Goes to the Head of the Class

Puchheim, Germany – June 22, 2010 – Boinx Software , a multi-award winning software developer for the Mac platform, has become a critical teaching aide in educational spaces, where technology-rich environments have become the norm. Receiving high marks, BoinxTV and iStopMotion are captivating educators and students alike with fun and easy-to-use technology for delivering creative classroom lessons using visually interesting and highly engaging digital media. "In our classrooms, we strive to make education and learning as imaginative and fun as possible. We see this same approach in Boinx Software, and are thrilled to utilize its products to enhance the creative imaginations of each and every child that walks through our doors," comments Valerie Becker, West Tisbury School. "iStopMotion provides children with a unique tool to become their very own movie maker, creating short animations just like they see on the big screen. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that spreads across a child’s face after using iStopMotion is magnificent. Its instantaneous results and forgiving nature boosts confidence levels, allowing students to present their finished work in mere minutes… and always go back later to fix mistakes or add to their projects. The West Tisbury School is proud to offer our kids the opportunity to create and stretch their imaginations with Boinx Software."

Boinx’s iStopMotion introduces students to the basic concepts of animation and filmmaking, while teaching invaluable skills such as teamwork, structural planning and analytical thinking. Stop Motion Animation is easy to use and motivates students to learn to work in groups, be creative, research information, create sound and text, and share their results with friends and family. The unique time-lapse recording feature is well suited for scientific curriculums, where it helps to make slow processes more visible to students. iStopMotion can even be used for learning math by creating animations that demonstrate the concepts of fractions or to solve complex equations.

With higher learning retention rates, classrooms all over the country are adding Boinx Software as part of its cross-curriculum, bringing a new, fresh method of creative learning and educational delivery. "My 6th grade class has been using iStopMotion for the past five years, and it never fails to impress both myself as well as my students," says George Rota, Glen Lake Elementary School. "Students work together in small groups to create fantastic animations and learn the ins-and-outs of teamwork, basic filmmaking and problem solving skills. Every year, my students' faces light up when it comes time for the iStopMotion project. I recently acquired BoinxTV and am sure that the students will come to love its cool production qualities just as much as iStopMotion. I cannot thank Boinx Software enough for creating such powerful products for education – bravo!"

BoinxTV, the ‘studio in a box’ solution, lets educators and students to create and broadcast their own videos and documentaries as well as broadcast live events such as lectures, important extra-curricular activities like sporting events and performances with special effects and school branding. The hands-on experience provides students with an invaluable outlet for expressing their point of view and collaborating with their peers.

"Boinx Software products, fit for both the adventurous adolescent and the ‘young at heart’ professional, are strongly rooted in education, providing users of all ages with a platform for creative expression," says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. "BoinxTV and iStopMotion help students to focus their creative energies toward positive, educational activities. Students have so much fun using these products and creating their own school TV channels and shows for their peers, as well as animated films, that they forget they are actually learning valuable skills for the future. Our products initiate real world situations, allowing students to experience what it might be like in a real TV studio, or a real creative house, and how to work together as a team. At Boinx, we are thrilled to be a part of the educational trends that will continue shaping the creative community for years to come." For more information on Boinx Software and its complete line of education-based software for the Mac platform, please visit:

Boinx Software Availability and Education Pricing

Boinx iStopMotion is available to educational institutions at a special volume licensing. For pricing information please contact the Educational Sales Team at

iStopMotion 2.0 is available today at A built-in assistant will guide users through the process of acquiring the proper license. iStopMotion 2.0 Home is available for $49, iStopMotion 2.0 Express is available for $99 and iStopMotion 2.0 Pro is available for $499 via Kagi. Updates from iStopMotion 1 DV to iStopMotion 2 Home are available for $10, to iStopMotion 2 Express for $60. For all purchase options see

BoinxTV Full Edition, a single license for educational use, is available for $249 USD (from $499 USP). Special rebates for multiple seats and licenses are available. For more information on educational pricing, please contact the Educational Sales Team at

BoinxTV 1.5 is available as a free update for existing BoinxTV users at A free demo license for first time users activates BoinxTV for 30 days. The single license of BoinxTV is available for $499 at the Boinx Kagi Store . The BoinxTV Sponsored Edition for $199 requires a credit for BoinxTV in every video created with BoinxTV. For all purchase options see

About Boinx Software

Boinx Software Ltd. is located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops award-winning software for the creative Mac user in animation, movie production and photography. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time lapse capture and won the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2003. Boinx FotoMagico, winner of two Apple Design Awards—"Best Mac OS X Leopard Graphics and Media Application Runner‐up 2008" and "Best Mac OS X User Experience Runner‐up 2006," is a presentation tool for professional photographers. BoinxTV, winner of the "Apple Design Award 2009," is a revolutionary live production software that turns any Mac into a TV studio. Boinx PhotoPresenter, winner of the Apple Design Award 2005 "Best Mac OS X Student Product," is a quick slideshow tool with a variety of pre‐built templates. Boinx Mouseposé is the indispensable mouse pointer-highlighting tool for users developing presentations, training or demos.

For more information please visit:

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